Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Thanks to Merian & Mercy who have written all about their trip to Boston to see
Michael in "Les Liaisons Dangereuses."

From Merian
Hi everybody

Here's my short Review from my Trip to Boston to see Michael's part in LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES

I went to Boston from Feb 2nd till Feb 7th with my friend Maria
Saw Michael's Performance at Feb 5th

And had the opportunity to meet him on Saturday Eve
(unfortunately my  Digital-Camera wanted to have his own leading part here  and played the role of his life   The Dead One)  by the time I wanted to shoot some pictures from Michael.

Wonder if Michael had anything to do with this
Gosh what can I say  Michael is Phenomenal!
Polite, Gracious, Gentle  a Sweetie First Class

He even said “Thank You” in  Dutch   must have bin looking Donkey-like ‘cause he immediately said  that he thought he was a Dutch man in his Former life ( Really.....Michael   )
Saw the play on Sunday with some friends I’ve met on the internet ; Mercy and her Son Mazi ( he's a sweet young man
 if it wasn't for him I didn't have had any pictures from Michael at all   (Think my Digital Camera really liked him  )
I’ve also met Karen, Anna and Bridget  
  all wonderful ladies, I miss you guys so much hope we can do this again next year !!!    

I really enjoyed watching the play !
My compliments to the outstanding cast ( they were very polite to sign their names on the book for us )
And as for Michael .....
 Cute when you said ; You just sound like my mom
( So next time you can call me mommy instead of Merian  )
Thank You  Michael for everything !!!
And thank you  my friends for the wonderful time  we spent together !

I hope we will be able to see each other again, to spent some days  together and have some Fun and make sure to see another play from Michael next year !! 

Till then…..


From Mercy
The trip to Boston was wonderful and meeting Merian, Maria and the other ladies was just great.  Merian and Maria were both so sweet and funny.  We all wished we had more time together.  We are already making plans for another reunion in case Michael decides to do another play in Boston or New York. 
My son and I arrived in Boston on Friday, February 3rd at 7:00am.  I was very tired after flying most of the night, but when I got there and met Merian and Maria I forgot all about being tired.
After arriving we also met with Ann, who came from England.   She is a very nice lady.
On Saturday, we all went sightseeing during the day and even thought it was freezing we had a wonderful time.  We went to the harbor and to a huge marketplace called, Quincy Market. That same day we decided to stop by the theater after that evening performance and we had the chance to meet with Michael for first time.  Well, it was the first time for Merian, Maria and Ann but the Third time for me. 
Michael was very charming and sweet as usual and quickly agreed to take some pictures with us.  I gave him a few letter I had brought from some of the fans and he was very happy so receive them.  We also made him promise to meet us again the following day after the play. 
I asked Michael if he was planning to do another play in Boston next year and his reply was, "You never know."
The following day, Sunday we met with another friend, Karen, who arrived from Atlanta, USA in the morning.  We all went to eat a late breakfast/lunch together and then we just waited in the hotel lobby talking until it was time to go to the theater for the 2:00 p.m show. This was going to be the last show. 
The play was just wonderful.  The set decoration and the costumes were beautiful and
all the actors did an outstanding job with their roles, and of course Michael was amazing.  Michael's character was funny, cunning but at the same time very sad. 
After the play we waited for Michael outside the theater for about half an hour until finally Michael appeared carrying a box with all his belongings from his dressing room.  Once again, Michael was very happy to see us and this time we gave him some gift we had for him.  He gladly took some more pictures with us and signed our programs.  
After the play we all went to dinner for the last time, wishing once again that we had more time together. 
Monday morning we parted for the airport early in the morning and even though we were all sad to say good-bye, we all knew that we will do our best to have another reunion soon.
Well, that pretty much sums up our trip to Boston and our meeting with Michael.


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